Holding a Bake Sale for Pakistan

Anna Pulley

Pakistan’s floods are the worst disaster the country has ever weathered, and the UN has said it is worse in terms of impact than Haiti and the 2004 tsunami put together. Twenty million people are homeless or displaced and yet, donations for flood relief are way down. Hearing stories about conditions in the displacement camps, especially problems faced by children, made me want to give. I don’t have a lot of money, but I am a pretty good baker, so that’s why I’m holding a bake sale today at the Mother Jones office to benefit flood victims. A few other employees joined me, and we made dozens of cookies, moist zucchini bread, and a peach-raspberry cobbler. There’s also apple coffee cake, brandy ginger cheesecake, and quinoa cupcakes with fig compote, just to name a few treats. Thanks to our generous employees and building tenants, the sale raised more than $100 in the first hour alone, and donations will be matched up to $500. All proceeds from our bake sale are going to UNICEF’s special children’s fund for Pakistan, or to Merlin, a secular, medical NGO¬†working in the hardest-hit areas. Since you can’t enjoy the baked goods, enjoy some pictures of them, below.

disclaimer: bake sale is not an official Mother Jones event. It is a personal fundraiser.

Bluberry “scuffins” (muffin/scones)

Quinoa cupcakes with fig compote and Greek yogurt frosting

Zucchini bread and brandy ginger cheesecake