CNN, Fox Biz Spotlight Foreclosure King

David J. Stern, the Ferrari-driving foreclosure king of Florida and the focus of my recent investigation, “Fannie and Freddie’s Foreclosure Barons” (“Home Wreckers” in the November/December print issue), has been getting ample attention lately. In addition to my story on him, his “foreclosure mill” law firm, and others like it, news outlets like ABC News, Bloomberg, CNNMoney, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal have all run stories on the allegations of fraud and wrongdoing, or former employees’ startling recollections of the firm’s operations, or the lavish gift-giving going on within the firm, according to former paralegals and staffers.

Now, even the big TV networks are getting in on the act. On CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 program, reporter Drew Griffin reported on Stern’s firm and some of the more conspicuous examples of Stern’s vast wealth. Here’s the segment:

And on Fox Business, Gerri Willis of “The Willis Report” offered her own take on David Stern’s largesse, which, as I reported, also includes a $15 million waterfront mansion and a 130-foot yacht named “Misunderstood.” Below is a screenshot of Willis’ offering on Stern; you can watch the full segment here.