SF Too Pretty to Win World Series

In a sterling op-ed today in the Dallas Morning News, columnist Steve Blow says the Giants don’t “deserve” to win the World Series for a number of reasons. Among them, San Franciscans are effete and we don’t have enough Regular Joes “like Regular Joe Barton, who represents Arlington in Congress.” Maybe Blow has forgotten it was Barton who apologized to BP? The same Joe Barton who said the government trying to secure money to help spill-affected Gulf residents was a “shake down”? If that’s a Regular Joe, then Blow’s right, we don’t have many of those in San Francisco. A few more choice reasons Blow think the Giants shouldn’t win the Series, below. None of them are based on the ability to play baseball.

•”The mayor of San Francisco is a guy named Gavin Newsom. Yes, Gavin Newsom. And if the name isn’t debonair enough, you should see him. He looks like a movie star or male model.”

“The Giants are all decked out in Halloween black and orange—the only holiday devoted to evil spirits.”

•”In San Francisco, Giants fans sip hot chocolate and wear coats and jackets to games all summer long.”