If You Read One “Burlesque” Review, Make it This One

Via Sasha, one of MoJo‘s Tumblr friends, our favorite 150 word summing-up of the Cher/Christina camp musical:

everything you think is going to happen in the movie does.  i mean EVERYTHING.  it is 200% predictable right down to Alan Cumming being in it. sarazona and i have a theory that he wasn’t even asked to be in it – he just like, smelled cabaret and showed up on set and it was far easier to just write him two lines and send him to a trailer than to have him escorted off set.

Mind you, this is from a positive review. Of a movie that’s pulling a 35 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But the important thing is, Sasha pretty much nails it with Alan Cumming. He’s like that creepy friend of yours who’s perfectly harmless, yet still manages to freak the holy Christmas out of you by suddenly popping up breathing on your neck in a dark alley:

"Hi."“Hi.” [Breathes.]













creepy. Still, like Burlesque itself, good luck not watching:

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Alan Cumming
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