War Is Business: The Blog

As MJ‘s resident industrial-military complex guy, I feel it’s my duty to introduce the readership to the best information resources out there, and to pass on readers’ recommendations, as well. So check out this new watchdog media start-up, War Is Business. Billed as “Rolling Stone guest-edits Jane’s Defence Weekly,” it’s a blog edited by outstanding journalist Corey Pein, and it’s already busted out some awesome takes on recent news, like “the Blackwater-Vegan Soap Connection” and the use of US embassy workers as de facto Lockheed arms salesmen. Best of all, it’s got a crowdsourcing “DIY” function: Check out a defense firm in its searchable database, and contribute your findings to the website. I’m excited to see what they turn up. Assuming Corey and the rest of the WIB crew don’t try to (allegedly) assault any Swedish maidens, of course.

And if you have any recommendations for readers that I can pass on, leave ’em in the comments or ping me. I’ll blog/tweet the best of them semi-regularly.