Eco-News Roundup: Friday January 21

Posts from our other blogs on Blue Marble-appropriate topics.

Healthy Fight: Talking Democratic strategy on health care repeal.

Pen v. Pharma: Generic drug studies get you a journal article, patented drugs get used.

Sticks and Stones: The Hitler-ization of health care reform debate.

Minority Stake: Why 50% oppose health reform but only 37% want to repeal it.

Free Market: If it were really up to the free market, we wouldn’t have health care.

Hyde and Seek: Making the Hyde Amendment law could stop all insurance for abortions.

Change of Mind: Rep. Issa was hot on investigating ClimateGate. So why not now?

Poor Choice: Rep. King wants government insurance, but only for poor people.

By the Numbers: Numbers on what’s at stake if health care is repealed.

Fear and Loathing: Insurance companies reverse antipathy toward Obama’s health bill.

Orphaned: Haiti’s orphans still have too little food, medicine, and clothes.