Clinton, Ninjas, and Protests: Snapshots Of Haiti

Today’s the one-year anniversary of the Haitian earthquake. Here are some scenes from my first few days back in the country reporting on its post-quake progress—and lack of it. (For more pix as they happen, follow me on Twitter.)

Photos by Mac McClelland

Big Bill Clinton fans at a Port-au-Prince demonstration today.


Protesters just spray painted the shit out of this Red Cross car.


Nobody knows how many thousands of bodies were dumped in these mass graves, but these dusty gravel lots are massive. They’ve set up crosses here so officials can hang wreaths on them.


And hello, former president Clinton!


There’s a lot of people remembering the dead outside the busted cathedral. They’re praying. The chant is, “I have no job. I can’t pay the rent. I need some money.”


There’s a porn theater in this Port-au-Prince tent city. The 20-year old who runs it charges 25 cents per person to watch movies on a wooden bench in the tent.


Actually, they also sometimes show movies about ninjas.