Eco-News Roundup: Friday February 11

Stories on Blue Marble-ish topics from our other blogs. 

Suing for Life: Death row inmates sue for getting non-FDA approved, overseas, lethal injection drugs.

Pink War: House GOP declares war, tries to defund Planned Parenthood.

Life Support: NARAL chief is worried about Congressional support needed to fight anti-abortion bills.

Doctor, Heal Thyself: Sponsor of a bill limiting malpractice lawsuits had many filed against him.

Senate Showdown: A Senate bill would cut Medicaid abortion funding and up insurance costs for abortion coverage.

Dueling States: Ohio and Texas battle for the title of most restrictive abortion law passed.

Headache: Apparently many adults don’t know Bayer can be used for headaches.

Womb Tax: Republicans propose disallowing using health savings account funds for abortion.

What’s in a Name: Jon Cohn defends the term Obamacare. 

Cause and Effect: Autism rates in California schools have tripled, but it’s not clear why.