Eco-News Roundup: Friday February 25

News on health, the environment, and energy from our other blogs.

Va. is for… Lovers?: Anti-abortion forces in Va. win a victory over clinics.

Bad Jokes: Florida mayoral candidate yukks it up over bombing abortion clinics.

Midwest Melee: Iowa is the latest state to propose legalizing murder of abortion doctors.

Loophole: Some poor families’ varying incomes may hinder government assistance.

Cost of Care: As GDP goes up, we can expect rise in health care spending too.

High Cost: Oil companies are still exempted from royalties they should be paying.

Long Wait: Bill in South Dakota mandates 72-hour wait for abortions.

GOP #Fail: GOP blocks creation of children’s product safety commission.

Vote Right: Gov. Scott Walker’s voting history reads like a pro-life handbook.

Gone Too Soon: New film looks into increasing suicide, depression in kids.