Eco-News Roundup: Friday February 4

Posts on health and the environment from our other blogs

Waiting Room: If health reform is repealed, next big change likely won’t be until 2024.

Death and Taxes: Industrial-size pot farms face taxation and severe crackdowns simultaneously.

Weekday Update: The most recent news on tear-gassed crowds and beaten protesters in Egypt is here.

Backing Down: GOP abandons a bill discriminating between “rape” and “forcible rape.”

Clearing the Air: Newt Gingrich’s verbal assault on the EPA isn’t so popular.

Word War: Florida judge’s striking of health care reform used White House rhetoric.

Worry Warts?: Should we worry that a Fla. judge has ruled health reform unconstitutional?

Big Shot: A House Republican shuts down gun safety hearings due to possible juror prejudice in the Tucson case.

Gas Law Passed: Malawi just made farting in public illegal.