Eco-News Roundup: Friday February 18

News from our other blogs on health and the environment.

Sweet as Sugar: Get out your sugar cubes: Sharia law is like polio, says a Missouri rep.

No Cigar: A history of US nuclear “near misses” spells need for reform.

Knife Sharpening: Republicans are looking to cut the budget, and Medicaid is high on the list.

No Opt Out: Customers sue Walgreens for leaking personal data to Big Pharma.

Lab Rats?: Are we mice, or men, asks Rep. Bachmann re: Obamacare repeal.

Taken Seriously: Mercury’s a health hazard, yet rule-makers continue to consider polluter-funded “studies.”

City Life: If NYC had more people, it’d have lower per capita CO2 emissions, but would people still want to live there?

Reason to Panic: Just because Japan’s plants are failing doesn’t mean you should dismiss all nuclear power.

Reasonable Doubt: Police aren’t sure when a man’s dress, or orientation, make his murder a hate crime.