Newt Gingrich, What Happened? [WATCH]

Pete Souza/Wikipedia Commons

To quote the opening credits for All in the Family, those were the days. You know, in 2008, way back when, when goils were goils and men were men—and Newt Ginrich and Nancy Pelosi got together to call for action on climate change. (Even if action in Gingrich-speak means jumpstarting clean technologies, not regulating dirty ones.)

Now Republican leaders have decided that global warming is a fairy tale that requires no effort on the part of the feds. And if states want to act, too bad—the Koch Bros have spoken. Candidate Gingrich, author of a book called A Contract With The Earth, doesn’t want to take away the EPA’s ability to regulate air pollutants (the GOP’s current goal). Nope. He wants to eliminate the agency altogether. Because—dammit!—that’s what it takes to be president.