Eco-News Roundup: Friday April 29

A cute baby goat munches hay.Flickr/<a href="">tintedglass</a>

A round-up of news on health, the environment, and energy published on our other blogs this week.

Devil’s in the Details: Americans like Ryan’s overall health care plan, but not the deets.

Unen-forcible: The FBI’s 82-year-old rape definition still requires force to be involved.

Fetal Felony: A proposed bill gives women a 15-year sentence for having an abortion.

Say Cheese: Bill proposes giving women ultrasound pic (for free!) with abortions.

Hell No: NJ residents are outraged—outraged!—at solar panels on telephone poles.

Upward Spiral: US healthcare costs are skyrocketing; other countries not so much.

No Money, Mo’ Problems: Medicare users need to pay more because of inflation.