Today in ‘Are You Effing Kidding Me?”

There is just too much crap on the web that is making my jaw drop today. Here’s a quick link-n-run.

A lawyer in a New York rape case compares a woman’s bruised lady parts to a Venus Flytrap. Did I mention, she was (reportedly) raped while unconscious? By NYPD police officers?

A transwoman was brutally beaten in a Maryland McDonald’s by two people while employees looked on, filmed it, and laughed. One finally intervened.

A Mexican environmentalist was shot dead. He had been objecting to Mexican mafia illegally clearing forests to grow opium poppies.

The FBI’s definition of rape is 82-years-old. And it only applies to women. Grrr.

A flight was delayed nearly 3 hours after a passenger said fellow fliers were acting suspiciously. Their offense? Taking pictures.

Apple says it “must have” location-specific data gleaned from your iPhone to “better serve” you. Uh huh.

There is a baby that laughs when her dog chases soap bubbles. It’s really cute.

A little girl went to the MoMA and was pissed there were no dinosaur bones. I will second that.