New in Natural Gas Hype: A Fracking Coloring Book

Talisman Energy

With government agencies, documentaries, and even celebrities taking aim, fracking has been getting a bad rap these days. So it’s no wonder that oil and gas companies are working hard to change the tone of the debate surrounding the controversial method of reaping natural gas.

The latest in their PR efforts? A children’s coloring book. Published by oil and gas producer Talisman Energy and distributed for free, the 24-page text follows the adventures of a “Friendly Fracosaurus” named Talisman Terry. Throughout the book, he leads his readers through a natural gas extraction saga—explaining the benefits of the substance, and how it’s found, drilled, and delivered.


Missing from the narrative, though, is the term “fracking,” or any of its synonyms. The coloring book alludes to the process, without ever actually naming it. (Talisman Terry says that natural gas is “set free from underground rocks.”) Ah, semantics.

The book also doesn’t talk about any of the complications that can come from natural gas drilling—be those leaking rigs, or water source contamination. By listing the benefits of natural gas drilling while glossing over its potential drawbacks, the book sends a message to kids that when it comes to natural gas extraction, it’s a win-win:


For more in the energy sector coloring book genre, check out Chesapeake Energy’s natural gas coloring book, or—courtesy of the coal industry—Eyes For Frosty.