National Republicans Trumpet Wisconsin Recall Victories, Beg for Bucks

The Republican National Committee blasted an email out to supporters today trumpeting the four Republican victories in Wisconsin’s August 9 recall elections and using the results to ask for campaign cash. “The Republican Party won a great victory over the Big Union bosses and Obama Democrats last night, and we could not have done it without the support you have given the RNC,” the email reads. Later in the email, the RNC asks for two- and three-figure donations to “regain total control of Congress and ensure Barack Obama is a one-term president.”

Republicans came out on top in Tuesday’s heated recall races, winning four out of six races and denying Democrats the majority in the State Senate. That narrows the GOP’s edge in the Senate to one vote, though that lead could widen if Democrats lose either of the seats in the August 16 recall of two Democratic senators.

While some Republicans decried the national feel of Tuesday’s recalls, the RNC heralds its own role in helping the state GOP beat back the Democratic challengers:

Because of your support of the RNC, Republican, we were able to help the Wisconsin Party’s grassroots efforts and provide strategic resources to keep our majority in the state senate.

  • We provided staff on the ground;
  • Funded a voter ID program;
  • Worked with the Wisconsin Party on contact lists and a Get-Out-The-Vote plan;
  • Provided Get-Out-The-Vote technology and equipment to the state party; and,
  • Funded the absentee ballot program.

“None of this,” the letter goes on, “would have been possible without your financial support of the Republican National Committee.”