WI GOP Recall Challenger Can’t Name One Bill She Supports or Opposes

Wisconsin Republican Kim Simac has encountered plenty of problems in her bid to unseat Democratic State Senator Jim Holperin in one of the Badger’s State final two recall elections on Tuesday. It emerged that she once compared public education in America to Nazism. And her 32-page children’s book, “American Soldier Proud and Free,” a self-published ode to patriotism, turned out to have been published in China.

But from a policy perspective, those gaffes pale in comparison to what Simac said—or failed to say—earlier this week. As part of a forum hosted by the WJRO radio station, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports, Simac was asked what particular legislation she would support or challenge if elected to the State Senate. Amazingly, Simac could not name a single bill. Not one. Here was her response:

“Hmm, well, I think that…I guess I would have to say that with all of the things that I’ve been looking at, I think you just stumped me. All the things I’ve been looking at for all the last couple months here trying to get up on board as a new candidate, I’ve been trying to stay up with the issues, but I would have to say that I can’t name you a single one right now.”

Simac even admits that she can’t name a single bill she would back or oppose; a basic question that even a political neophyte could expect has “stumped” her. Simac’s excuse: she’s been spending all her time talking to voters in Holperin’s northeastern Wisconsin district. What it is that Simac is discussing with them is anyone’s guess.