Herman, if you want this URL, tweet me.

Does Herman Cain think he can outfox the market? Rather than purchase 999plan.com (from me) for a reasonable (though rising) price. He has launched another website with the hard-to-remember URL: 999meansjobs.com. Seriously? When he could have 999plan.com for a song—and some cash? Well, I said that we’d keep putting other material on this site until Cain relents (or flames out). Below there’s our original dog-eating-pizza-with-human-hands video (don’t miss it) and a chart showing that 999 means more taxes for low-income people. (Hey, does anyone have the 999meansmoretaxesforyou.com address?) But here’s a video containing blockbuster evidence that Godfather’s Pizza opposes family values. How will Cain explain that to the social conservatives he’s courting? 

Previously on 999plan.com: Okay, still no offer for this URL from Herman Cain or @THEHermanCain, as he is known on Twitter. (See the back story below.) So I am now adding the below chart to www.999plan.com, which Kevin Drum explains:

The Tax Policy Center has done yet another analysis of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan, and guess what? Unless you’re really rich, your taxes will go up! If you earn, say, $50,000 per year, you currently pay about 14.3% of your income in federal taxes. Under Cain’s plan, you’ll pay 23.8%. Whee! And if you make the big bucks? Well, millionaires currently pay about 32.9% of their income in federal taxes. Under Cain’s plan, they’ll pay 17.9%. Ka-ching!

But still you get a dog with human hands eating pizza.


Feel free to tweet me @davidcorndc or to note in the comments below other material that you think ought to go up at www.999plan.com. Keep it clean….for now.

The back story: A few weeks ago, I purchased the www.999plan.com URL. My intent: to sell it to Herman Cain. I’ve tweeted my offer numerous times, promising to be reasonable. Yet I’ve heard nothing from the businessman-turned-pol-turned-flavor-of-the-nanosecond. So for now, anyone trying the 999plan.com address will see a dog eating pizza with human hands. But that may change. This space could be used to post critiques of Cain’s 999 plan. Or, if I get desperate, a definition of “Santorum.”

Herman, tweet me at @davidcorndc. Every day you wait, the price goes up another 9 percent.