Herman Cain, With Extra Cheese

Way before he served up the 9-9-9 Plan, Herman Cain was best known as the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. Which means that anyone doing oppo research on the GOP presidential front-runner du jour is going to have to dig through his past as a junk-food magnate, from his start as a business analyst at Coke and his rise through the ranks at Burger King to his eventual breakthrough as the first black executive to head a leveraged buyout of a fast-food company.

A quick perusal of his old press clippings didn’t turn up anything as potentially embarrassing as, say, this photo of a cash-hungry Mitt Romney, just a few morsels that are more cheesy than saucy. Enjoy!   

Herman Cain Coke: Jet, April 25, 1974

Cain bubbles up at Coke. Jet, April 25, 1974


Herman Cain Burger King: Ebony, April 1984

Cain as a Burger King veep. Ebony, April 1984


Herman Cain pizza: Black Enterprise, February 1988

“This Pizza Man Delivers.” Cain, after taking over at Godfather’s Pizza. Black Enterprise, February 1988


Herman Cain pizza: Ebony, April 1988

“In 1986, Cain…was named president of Godfather’s Pizza, and by most accounts, it was an offer he could have easily refused.” Ebony, April 1988


Herman Cain pizza: Ebony, April 1988

“Sampling a pizza is never a problem for Godfather’s president. Cain is a frequent visitor to the company’s test kicthens.” Ebony, April 1988


Herman Cain pizza: Black Enterprise, August 1988

“Herman Cain pieces together a hot deal.” Black Enterprise, August 1988