New Hot Guy App Reminds You To Touch Yourself

Can hot dudes get women to do regular breast self-exams? That’s the inspiration for a new app, wherein studly guys pop up on your phone every month to remind you to feel yourself up. It comes from the Canadian charity Rethink Breast Cancer, which focuses on women under age 40. Here’s their promotional video, wherein the hot guys demonstrate how to conduct an exam while strutting around shirtless:

A colleague currently at TEDActive sent along the video after seeing the group’s presentation. It’s both funny and accessible, though I must admit to feeling like one of the YouTube commenters who found the over-the-top sexualization of men just as disturbing as when it’s women using their bodies to sell a product or idea. I also had to wonder if they’re planning to make a corollary app for lesbians, but that would probably end up being used for purposes other than reminding women to conduct self exams.