Map: The State of Marriage Equality in America

Where in the United States do gay people have the right to get hitched?

It’s been a week of wins and losses no matter which side you’re on in the gay-marriage debate.

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama finally announced that he supports gay marriage. He emphasized that this is his personal opinion, and that he still thinks states should decide the issue on their own. Despite that caveat, gay rights supporters still had plenty of cause to celebrate. But a day before the president’s historic announcement, voters in North Carolina passed Amendment 1, making it the 30th state with a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Here’s a handy map that shows how far marriage equality has come—and how far it still has to go.

For some perspective, here’s a map Mother Jones reporter Mac McClelland made that shows you which states would allow you to marry your cousin:

Cousin Lovin' Map

And for another perspective, here’s another map Mac made. This one shows which states do—and don’t—have laws prohibiting bestiality.

Update: And here’s a map that my colleague Tim Murphy found. It shows you where sodomy is illegal in the US—including the states where it’s illegal only if you’re gay.