Bloggingheads: 47 Percent Edition

In this week’s episode of Adamize over at Bloggingheads, the American Spectator‘s John Tabin and I discuss the content of the video of a private Mitt Romney fundraiser published by Mother Jones, Romney’s remarks about the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay income taxes, his views on the two state solution, and the protests at American embassies all over the Middle East:

One thing I wish I had emphasised more during our discussion about peace between Israelis and Palestinians is that the entire premise of Romney’s remarks—that the all Israelis want peace and all the Palestinians don’tis false. After all, the entire Israeli settlement project in the West Bank, abetted by both sides of the Israeli political spectrum over decades, remains a huge obstacle to peace and has undermined efforts to bring the conflict to an end. Romney’s remarks assume no responsibility on the part of the Israelis at all for the absence of a resolution.