Photos: Barack Obama Loves Kids, Chairs, Fedoras, Pirates, and Nancy Reagan

A veritable Souzapalooza of candid shots by the omnipresent White House staff photographer.

Need an extra Obama fix? Pete Souza, the tireless official White House photographer, has you covered—and his intimate pics will make your heart burst. Behold:

1. Obama with kids


2. Obama with Michelle, all romantic-like

3. Obama fist-bumping…


…and chest-bumping, too


4. Obama sitting in chairs (sorry, Clint Eastwood)


5. Obama with a happy Nancy Reagan


6. Obama with his back turned to the camera


7. Obama playing at “sport”


8. Barack Obama and the last crusade


9. Obama in a post-storm scene vaguely resembling a Norman Rockwell painting


10. Barack Hussein Obama, Pirate Appeaser

All photos by Pete Souza, White House photographer. Click on the photos to see the source image.