Yes We LAN

<a href="">OpenSignalMaps</a>

What do our wifi networks tell us about President Obama’s chances in November? The folks at OpenSignalMaps, which maintains a web database of cellphone signal strengths and wifi access points, have mapped more than 1,100 routers worldwide with “Obama” in their names. Rigorous polling it ain’t, but they figure “ObamaIsBlackNazi” won’t be voting Democratic in 2012, while “BahamaMamasLoveObamasLlamas” just might. (“Obamatheflykiller” is a toss-up.) In the States, it’s a tight race, with 401 Obama-lovin’ routers to 355 haters—a mere 6 percent edge for the prez. But lest Democrats worry, hardly anyone cares enough about Mitt Romney to name a network after him.