Timeline: The Long History of Voter Suppression

The 200-year battle over which Americans get to cast their ballots on Election Day.

“Your Right to Vote is Your Opportunity to Protect”<a href="http://myloc.gov/Exhibitions/creatingtheus/Constitution/ConstitutionLegacy/ExhibitObjects/OpportunitytoProtect.aspx">Library of Congress</a>

We’ve come a long way from the days when women, blacks, immigrants, and pretty much anyone who wasn’t a white male was kept from the polls. This timeline explores 200 years of efforts to restrict and expand the right to vote. (And for more on current efforts to disenfranchise voters, read about the 10 most common vote-blocking tricks.)

For more information on voting rights history, check out these great timelines from the ACLU and KQED.