Bitchin Bajas “Bitchitronics” Is a Mesmerizing Head Trip

September 10 at the Empty Bottle, Chicago.From <a href="">Bitchin Bajas Tumblr</a>

Track 4: “Turiya”
From Bitchin Bajas’ Bitchitronics
Drag City

Liner notes: Looking for a safe, legal head trip? Take a journey through the canyons of your mind on this mesmerizing 16-minute epic, which finds surprising variety in oozing synthesizer sounds.

Behind the music: Originally a solo side venture of Cooper Crain from the rowdier Chicago band Cave, Bitchin Bajas became a duo with the addition of Mahjongg’s Dan Quinlivan. With four tracks spanning 44 minutes, Bitchitronics was recorded primarily in a house in Fennville, Michigan.

Check it out if you like: Brain-melting electronic pioneers such as Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, and Can.