Map: Streets Named After Nelson Mandela, From Cape Town to California

An interactive look at the more than 140 roads around the world named after the former president of South Africa.

According to the Nelson Mandela Centre for Memory, no fewer than 120 streets, roads, boulevards, avenues, bridges, and highways have been named after the first democratically elected president of South Africa, who turns 95 today. A thorough search turned up more than 140, including 50 in South Africa and 10 in the United States. Click on any icon for the full name and location of a Mandela-inspired roadway; zoom in to see the a street map.


This map include streets that carry Mandela’s birth name, Rolihlahla, and clan name, Madiba. More streets named after Mandela are probably out there; if you know of one that’s not on this map, leave a comment.