Best DC Metro Stations to be Born at, Ranked

Barbara Salisbury/

On Thursday, a woman gave birth to a baby while waiting for the yellow line at DC’s L’Enfant plaza, perhaps the only place on the planet less sanitary than a manger. It’s a L’Enfant infant. A L’infant. Terrific. So if you’re looking to give birth in a Metro station, what’s your best option?

1.) Medical Center. Sounds hospital-y.

2.) Foggy Bottom GWU. They saved Reagan.

3.) Stadium-Armory. There are helicopters right outside.

4.) Cleveland Park. It’s right by Vace, that has to count for something.

5.) Capitol South. You’ll never give birth in This Town again.

6.) Union Station. It’s near the Department of Labor. Get it? Labor. Okay.

7.) Strathmore. Music is supposed to be good for a baby, right? We read that once.

45.) Dunn Loring. Is this even a real place?