A Brisk, Brash, Garage-y Debut From Ireland’s Dott

Courtesy of Graveface Records


Brisk, brash and endearing, the sparkling debut of this Irish quartet will renew your faith in tuneful garage rock. Frontwoman Anna McCarthy and company unleash a dozen fizzy, toe-tapping gems in rapid succession, recalling the Ramones at their sunniest. If Dott’s tales of love found and lost stick to familiar turf, McCarthy’s charming verve makes Swoon hard to resist, creating the sense of hearing unguarded revelations from a heart not yet hardened by cynicism or disappointment. Highlights include “Day That I Found You,” updating ’60s girl-group grooves, and the rowdy, punkish footstomper “Love You Forever,” which could have been a big hit back when New Wave was the hot style.