“So Excited Not to Be Poor Like These Whiny SF Bitches”

Here’s Secret, the hot new social app that delivers Silicon Valley arrogance straight to your palm.

Remember the “War on the 1%” rant by the poor, embattled multimillionaire Tom Perkins? Well, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, the venture-capital firm he cofounded, is backing Secret, a hot new social-networking app that has captivated Silicon Valley with commentary that could have come from Perkins himself, for all we know. A sort of anti-Facebook, it lets users post updates to their “circles” (friends and friends of friends) anonymously, which means that instead of cheery wedding announcements and cute cat photos, you get friends bragging and bitching in a fashion you may not have seen at your last dinner party. Given that Secret’s early adopters skew towards the tech world, the app is, at least for now, a revealing window into what people in the Valley really think—or at the very least, a fascinating study in trolling. Here are some fairly typical posts from circles in San Francisco and beyond.