Here Is a Video of 74-Year-Old Congressman John Lewis Dancing To Pharrell’s “Happy”

It’s the UN’s second annual International Day of Happiness! (You may remember the first International Day of Happiness last year. It was the day after the last time anyone ever felt sadness ever.) Here are videos of 74-year-old civil rights icon and 14-term Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.) dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy” in celebration:

At the end of the video, Rep. Lewis says, “Be happy, everybody.” The irony of course is that this video was shot vertically so by the time you get there you will not be “happy” so much as you will be “incredibly frustrated.”

Still, it’s the thought that counts. (Also, it’s an undeniably heart-warming video.)

Be happy!

Seriously, be happy. The UN is telling you to be happy. If you aren’t, the UN may “herd you into a human habitation zone.”

Just kidding. Only crazy people think that.

(via Buzzfeed.)