Who Said It: Donald Sterling or Donald Trump?

These two billionaires have a penchant for saying the damndest things—about business, race, and sex.

On Fox & Friends today, Donald Trump stood up for fellow aggrieved billionaire Republican Donald Sterling, claiming that the Los Angeles Clippers owner was “set up by a very, very bad girlfriend.” Sterling, of course, is under fire for the recently released audio recording in which he tells onetime girlfriend V. Stiviano to, among other things, stop associating publicly with black people, including Lakers great Magic Johnson. With sponsors rushing to drop the Clippers, it must be a great relief for Sterling to know that he’s got The Donald on his side.

Trump’s comments made us wonder, though: Could you tell the two Donalds apart by the wacky (and creepy) things they’ve said over the years? Try your luck with our Which Donald Is It? quiz below: