This Is What It’s Like Arguing with Gun Nuts on the Internet


Whenever there is another mass shooting in America—which is tragically to say, every few weeks in Americathe NRA and its allies flood talk radio, television, and the internet with crazy defensive ramblings about how guns don’t kill people, hippy. People kill people. and Hitler was into gun control too, jerk! Why do you love Hitler so much? etc etc… For sane people, this can be vexing.

Courtesy of Bobby Big Wheel, this bingo card pretty perfectly captures what it’s like to argue with a gun nut on the internet.


It’s Memorial Day. On this day, we honor the more than one million brave men and women who have given their lives fighting for the United States. Further, we honor that which they died fighting to preserve: the American way of life. It’s 2014 and today, right now, the American way of life involves accepting the very real possibility that you might get shot to death walking down the street for no other reason than bad luck. I somehow doubt many of them fought for that.