Happy Birthday, Twitter! Here Are 50 Things the Media Says You’ve Revolutionized.

Twitter launched July 15, 2006. Since soon after its inception, the media has been heralding Twitter’s significance. Here is a not-at-all exhaustive list of things the media has credited Twitter with changing forever.

Social media.

The media world.

The world.

The world of Australian political journalism.

UK Political journalism.


“Journalism for an entire generation.”

Washington relationships.


Local politics.

The way politicians communicate with voters.

The way people communicate with people.

The way people communicate with God.

The study of language.


The job hunt.

Small business.

Technology for business.


The corporate world.

The way we pitch ideas in the corporate world.

The culture of Comcast.

Pop culture.

The face of ballet in NYC. 

The way we watch TV.

The business of TV.

TV “as we know it”.

The way TV is made.

The way Ed Burns makes movies.

The way Snoop Dogg makes music.

The way people in Los Angeles eat.

The way people in India talk to celebrities.

The way celebrities talk to people.

The way Kanye West apologizes.

The way celebrities endorse things.

Gilbert Godfried.

The literary critic.

The literary world.

The world of professional poker.


The relationship between athletes and sports fans.

The ski industry.

The gaming industry.

The Casey Anthony trial.


Old people.

The way old people interact with children.

The way hotels interact with customers.


The way everyone does things.