Here’s a First Look at Your Long-Awaited Racially Diverse Emojis

Hidden beneath the doom and gloom that was this awful Tuesday was an exciting update on emojis: diversity is on its way and we have PROOF. Behold:


Yes, on Tuesday, the folks at the Unicode Consortium released a draft detailing the surprisingly complex process they’re taking on to include more racially inclusive characters by using a palette of six different skin tones.

Unicode Consortium

“It’s about time. I didn’t have anything to represent me,” 14-year-old Shamar Cole told the Daily News upon learning this important update.

Alas, there’s no word on an exact time frame for their long-awaited arrival. But until then, let’s mobilize to get the taco emoji solidified once and for all. Because regardless of what my employer tells me, I love Taco Bell and my patronage could only benefit from a fun, short-hand way to let others know where I am.