The Latest and Largest Batch of Clinton Emails Was Released This Week

Some ponder gefilte fish and “The Good Wife”; others should have been classified.

face to face/ZUMA PRESS

On Monday, the US State Department released the latest and largest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails from her time as secretary of state. The emails she sent and received are being released on a monthly basis and these 7,000 pages continue to shed light on some behind-the-scenes activity from her time as the nation’s top diplomat. Her emails range from the trivial—like when she asks subordinates about the schedule of The Good Wife—to weighty matters of diplomacy, including more than 100 heavily redacted emails that may not have been classified at the time Clinton and her staff were sending them back and forth, but were then classified in the review before they were released. Longtime Clinton confidante, author, and political operative Sidney Blumenthal, appears throughout this batch. In one email, he calls Speaker of the House John Boehner “louche,” “alcoholic,” and “lazy.”

See the emails below in a searchable document: