The Internet Just Spent the Day Making Fun of Jeb Bush

His #JebCanFixIt hashtag went viral—but not in a good way.

<a href=>Chris O'Meara</a>/AP

Jeb Bush’s campaign for the 2016 presidency is not going according to plan, and the bad news keeps piling up. In recent polls, Bush, the former Florida governor was in fifth place, and Public Policy Polling tweeted today that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal had overtaken Bush in Iowa. In late October, Bush cut staff and reduced salaries. Amid what one Bush donor called a “death spiral,” the Jeb! campaign decided to reboot, and no reboot is complete without a new slogan.

In comes: “Jeb Can Fix It.”

On Monday morning, Bush delivered what was widely described as a “reset” speech—”Our story is about action, doing, not just talking” he said—and he debuted the new “Jeb Can Fix It” motto. By Monday afternoon, #JebCanFixIt had gone viral, becoming a trending hashtag on Twitter. But not necessarily in the way the campaign wanted. Here is a smattering of some of Twitter’s best on the subject.