Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Prove That True Love Is Real

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are the most adorable couple ever photographed.

This is impossible to deny.

They loved each other so much and they wore it on their faces.

Don’t believe me?

I challenge you to look at these photos and not think “wow, this is an adorable couple.”

“True love is real.”


This one is so good.

For real. Look.

Smoking is bad but they do look cute together.

“Pucker up!”

Popcorn is just empty calories but there is nothing empty about the love in this photo.


I find myself looking at these photos of them all the time because the world can be a depressing place.

I love this one.

Anyway, today is National Puppy Day which is my excuse to share with you my favorite Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward photo.

Have a great day.