Ted Cruz Has Disgusting Taste in Food

At the California GOP convention, he claims that endangered Delta smelt “go great with cheese and crackers.”

This endangered smelt makes for a great hors d'ouvre, according to Cruz<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/5440600706/in/photolist-hfnoMA-fmzuvA-9hLv3s-e4rLrw-BUqdjT-CPuUWb-CGgkFh-CRN9nc-bTRZU2-qacmJh-9hLvis-nG7paW-bEXejf-nFUvrD-CRNUW2-gUMZwB-BUinTs-fmze2A-9UrQV7-gac5oM-FwLarM-fmztg9-fmzhoo-o1byd4-g28jnV-nFUMsL-CPuHzo-CPuvu1-CGfF6w-g27WyN-gE2Jct-fmjJnc-G11MMb-p49dML-kMBJAc-e4maS2-gxfTci-fmz2Wy-bEWKuN-r7E5dN-h3gE3P-fmjUqz-bEXiYW-gmhrP8-kMDAuQ-av9aPL-rcjAzM-dcmRwn-sqttEQ-bEXiph">Gage Skidmore</a>/Flickr

With California’s unusually high-stakes primary just weeks away, the top contenders for the Republican presidential nomination have descended on their party’s state convention in Burlingame, a suburban enclave 16 miles south of San Francisco. This weekend’s convention will be a key opportunity for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich: For the first time in at least a half century, the GOP presidential nomination will hinge on who Californians vote for in the state’s June 7 primary. This has empowered local GOP officials, some of whom have toiled in obscurity for years, running quixotic candidates against Nancy Pelosi or denouncing local climate-change laws in Santa Cruz. Suddenly, these GOP officials now possess valuable connections with potential volunteers and local voters.

I have a ticket to the convention and will be posting live updates here.