Donald Trump Supporters Violently Attacked in San Jose

At least 13 people were attacked by anti-Trump protesters.

Noah Berger/AP

Chaos erupted outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, California, on Thursday, as a crowd of protesters violently attacked supporters of the presumptive GOP nominee as they left the event. Some of the protesters were seen waving Mexican flags and burning the real estate magnate’s trademark “Make America Great Again” hat.

At one point, a protester hurled a heavy bag at a supporters’ head, leaving him with blood trailing down his face and onto his shirt. The incident was recorded on video:

The Los Angeles Times reports at least a dozen people, including one police officer, were attacked at the scene. Several people were taken into custody, but the police declined to say how many were arrested. It’s unclear who exactly was responsible for the violence. The ugly scene comes just days before the California primaries on Tuesday.

Throughout the Republican primary season, Trump rallies have included hostile confrontations between his supporters and protesters. The real estate magnate has been repeatedly criticized for failing to condemn—and perhaps even encouraging—his supporters to act violently. He even promised at one point to pay for his supporters’ legal fees should they tussle with protesters and have trouble with law enforcement officials. But on Thursday, it appears demonstrators flipped the script on the continued brawls—a move that likely plays squarely into Trump’s hands.