Donald Trump Brags About Himself on Twitter After the Worst Mass Shooting in US History

He thanked his followers for their “congrats.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump yesterday in Tampa, Fla.Chris O'Meara/AP Photo

In the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in US history, Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, took to Twitter Sunday afternoon, where he thanked his followers for saying he was “right on radical Islamic terrorism”:

Earlier on Sunday, Trump expressed his horror at the massacre in another Tweet, adding: “When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?”

Fifty people were killed Sunday morning when a gunman opened fire at Pulse, a popular gay nightclub in Orlando.

Police have yet to confirm the motives of the suspected gunman, Omar Mateen, but are investigating possible links to terrorism. Prior to the attack, Mateen reportedly called 911 claiming allegiance to ISIS:

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, tweeted her support for the victims of the attack on Sunday morning, “as we wait for more information”: