Hillary Clinton Wins Washington, DC Primary

The Democratic primary season is finally over.

Mike Blake/Reuters/ZUMA; Mariel Calloway/ZUMA; Istockphoto

The Democratic primary season is finally over. The District of Columbia voted on Tuesday, and Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner by CNN, with currently ahead by a 77-20 margin with results still coming in.

Much like DC’s nonexistent congressional representation, the results of the primary don’t matter too much. After Clinton locked a majority of pledged delegates last week, she’s been widely declared the presumptive nominee. Sen. Bernie Sanders has yet to drop out of the race, but he’s toned down his campaigning, largely bypassing DC save for one small rally last Thursday. Clinton and Sanders are meeting in DC on Tuesday evening, and the Vermont senator has scheduled an event to address his fans on Thursday night to discuss his next steps.