The Supreme Court Just Shot Down a Big Challenge to Affirmative Action. Read the Decision Here.

The court upholds the University of Texas’ ability to use race as one of several factors in selecting its students.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, center, wrote the majority opinion.Evan Vucci/ZUMA

The Supreme Court delivered a major victory for affirmative action on Thursday, rejecting a challenge to a University of Texas admissions system that uses race as a factor to ensure diversity for a portion of its student body. The case, Fisher v. University of Texas, concerns the school’s use of a “holistic” system for 25 percent of its class—the rest of the class as admitted purely on the basis of high school grades—that includes race among other factors. A white applicant who was rejected by the school challenged the system.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court sided with the university in a 4-3 decision. Read the full ruling here:


Read more about the man who brought this case to the Supreme Court and statements by the late Justice Antonin Scalia earlier in the case suggesting that black students belong at “slower” colleges.