John Boehner Reacts to Ted Cruz’s Refusal to Endorse Donald Trump: “Lucifer Is Back.”

The former speaker of the House resurrects his well known hatred of Cruz.

Pete Marovich/ZUMA

As Republicans booed Sen. Ted Cruz during his prime-time convention speech in which he refused to back Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president, John Boehner reportedly watched the unfolding events and remarked, “Lucifer is back.”

The comment, which was made public by Boehner’s former spokesman, revives the well-documented animosity between the former speaker of the House and the former presidential hopeful. Throughout the Republican primary, Boehner made it clear that he would never vote for Cruz, deeming him “Lucifer in the flesh” and a “miserable son of a bitch.” As for Trump, Boehner has said the two were “texting buddies.”

On Thursday, Cruz remained defiant in his refusal to endorse Trump, saying he was not a “servile puppy dog” who could support a candidate who attacked his wife and father. He also said he would not vote for Hillary Clinton.