Donald Trump Might Want to Stop Bragging About This

As you surely know by now, Donald Trump likes to brag about his many “beautiful,” “great,” “magnificent” golf courses, as if owning a golf course somehow qualified you to be president.

Today, balding Trump BFF Rudy Giuliani (R—9/11) took the line a little further:

So that quote is obviously hilarious on its face and if you want to take a few minutes to LOL about it, please feel free. And, it’s, you know, true enough! Obama has technically never built any golf courses! But if we’re in the land of technically true meaningless nonsense, this too is technically true: Obama, as president, is in charge of almost 200 golf courses, far more than Trump could ever imagine getting his smaller than average hands on:

Mother Jones has found that the Pentagon currently operates at least 194 golf courses and 2,874 holes of golf worldwide.


The military’s Morale, Warfare, and Recreation and Marine Corps Community Services programs, which run the courses (as well as library programs, youth programs, fitness centers, and bowling alleys), say they are designed to maintain troop morale and combat readiness during stressful situations or down time.