Sen. Barbara Boxer Slams Donald Trump Over MoJo’s Report on His Modeling Agency

“Tough on illegal immigration unless he’s importing foreign models to exploit.”

As Donald Trump was landing in Mexico City for a last-minute meeting with the Mexican president, Sen. Barbara Boxer unleashed a tweetstorm on the Republican nominee, based on Mother Jones‘ report on his modeling agency’s use of foreign models who worked illegally in the US.

Boxer, a vocal critic of Trump, took to social media on Wednesday with the following:

Since launching his presidential campaign last summer, Trump has routinely issued inflammatory statements against undocumented workers, especially Mexicans, vowing to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States and build a massive wall across the US-Mexico border if he were to become president. But in recent days, there have been conflicting reports about whether Trump was planning to soften his previous positions on immigration. On Wednesday night, Trump is slated to deliver a speech in Arizona clarifying his official position on the issue.