Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter Is Definitely Voting for Clinton

The former mayor of NYC is one of Donald Trump’s most outspoken backers.

Amy Harris/Rex Shutterstock/ZUMA

Throughout Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican party, Rudy Giuliani has emerged as one of the real estate mogul’s most emphatic surrogates, consistently backing Trump even at his most controversial moments.

But don’t expect the children of New York City’s former mayor to share his enthusiasm. Yep, Politico reports Caroline Rose Giuliani intends to vote for Hillary Clinton, a woman her father once described as “too stupid” to be president. And unlike other children of prominent Republican families who have stopped short of a full endorsement of Clinton, Caroline has made her choice crystal clear:


Caroline told Politico that her father is aware of her intentions to cast her vote for Clinton, insisting that he’s “fully comfortable” with the decision. But based on Giuliani’s recent assertion that Trump is more fit for office because Clinton is a woman, we’re guessing that dad’s relaxed response might have more to do with indifference to his daughter’s political preferences. After all, she’s a woman too.