The Trump Files: When Donald Won an Election…of Sexy Billionaires

“His pouty lips make my knees quiver.”

Ivylise Simones

Until the election, we’re bringing you “The Trump Files,” a daily dose of telling episodes, strange but true stories, or curious scenes from the life of GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The last time Donald Trump won an election was in 1998, and that contest was for the National Enquirer‘s “sexiest billionaire title.” Trump won with 70.3 percent of the vote, with Ralph Lauren coming in a distant second at 9.7 percent.

So what made Trump the choice of 300 ladies in a “nationwide poll?” “No question about it: Donald Trump has charisma,” one told the Enquirer. “I’d date him even if he were a taxi driver!” Another declared, “Trump can put his shoes under my bed anytime!”

“Going out with Donald would be a dream come true,” another woman told the tabloid. “His pouty lips make my knees quiver.”

Trump couldn’t help but bask in the glory. “I’m flattered,” he told the Enquirer. “It’s an honor.”

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