Trump Wants To Blame Judges For Terror Attacks

He really just said this.

Yin Bogu/Xinhua via ZUMA Wire; Airport: matth_be/iStock

On Friday, a federal judge in Seattle put the brakes on Donald Trump’s widely-reviled “Muslim Ban.” The next day, Trump attacked the judge personally on Twitter. Later Saturday night, an appellate court rejected the government’s request to lift the earlier judge’s stay. So, as of Sunday, Trump’s executive order is not being enforced because multiple judges have found it not to pass legal muster.

In response, the president took to Twitter with what may be some of his more ominous statements yet:

Needless to say, people are not “pouring in.” Only travelers who already had been vetted and issued visas are coming. (It’s really hard to get a visa!) But if America suffers a terror attack, Trump will blame the judicial branch—which, with Congress largely standing pat, happens to be the one real check on his power, just as the founders intended. He’s telling us this in advance. 

As former Obama aide Jon Lovett put it: