CBO Says Latest GOP Health Care Bill Would Leave 15m More Uninsured Next Year

And premiums would jump an extra 20 percent.

Bill Clark/ZUMA

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released its analysis of the latest Republican plan to repeal Obamacare late Thursday night—the so-called “skinny repeal”—and the report paints a grim picture for the future of health care.

The CBO predicts that, if the bill became law, premiums for people purchasing health care would rise 20 percent by next year, and that 15 million more people would go without health insurance. By 2026, there would be an extra 16 million people without insurance, as compared to current law.

Even though Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) didn’t release the bill until late Thursday night, the Senate is expected to vote on the measure within hours. The bill would repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate and defund Planned Parenthood for one year.

Read the CBO’s report, here: